Optical Fiber Project NCR-Haryana (Investor Invited)

Optical Fiber Project NCR-Haryana Investor Invited


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What is optical fiber cable

You hear about fiber-optic cables whenever people talk about the telephone system, the cable TV system or the Internet.
Fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carry digital information over long distances.
They are also used in medical imaging and mechanical engineering inspection.

What are Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics (optical fibers) are long, thin strands of very pure glass about the diameter of a human hair.
They are arranged in bundles called optical cables and used to transmit light signals over long distances.

Parameters for the investors

who invest in our project

For 5 Lakhs Rs. 10/meter

For 4 Lakhs Rs. 08/meter

For 3 Lakhs Rs. 06/meter

For 2 Lakhs Rs. 04/meter

For 1 Lakhs Rs. 02/meter

Our Panels in this project




First Location is NCR – HARYANA.

OFC Project has been 200 KM.

Your investment in OFC NCR – HARYANA.

For 5 Lakhs - Rs. 10/meter

For 4 Lakhs - Rs. 08/meter

For 3 Lakhs - Rs. 06/meter

For 2 Lakhs - Rs. 04/meter

For 1 Lakhs - Rs. 02/meter

Profit In Project

For example : -

You are Investing 1 lakhs Rupees.

Then we are providing INR 2/- per meter.

Project should be completed in 90 days.

Your Profit will be calculate on project are:

INR 2/- X per meter.

1000 meter in 1 KM.

1000 mtr. X 200 km. = 2,00,000 mtr.

2,00,000 mtr. X 2 /- = INR 4,00,000 /-

TOTAL PAYOUT - INR 4,00,000 /-


OFC (Optical Fiber Cables) Project.

OFC Project locations is NCR – HARYANA.

NCR – HARYANA OFC Project are 200 km. Project.

NCR – HARYANA OFC Project Duration is 90 days.

All details of OFC PROJECT will share with investors.

( Agreements , Work permits of locations and all details of Project.)

Status Update For Application Closed Projects (Success Stories)

D Elite Soft Success Stories

This status update is only for registered members of D Elite Soft

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Today I received Update regarding Application Closed Projects. For future updates visit here. Because I will share every update publicly so you can check it any time from any where.

For DOP (Department of Post Office) Kerala :- Sanjeev Kumar for Wind magic Systems Confirmed.

Union bank Form Filling Process :- Diya mittal for star info solution Confirmed for 2 Slot of 24 seats for this process.

Syndicate Bank Form Filling Process :- No Selection

Mortgage : - Sanjiv Rana for empower solution.

Canara Bank Form Filling Process :- No Selection.

LIC Data Entry :- Update not received yet.

Matrimony Form Filling Process Short-listed :
1. Hemant Madhukar Bakare
2. Pardeep Bhatia
3. Amit Ranjan
Note :- Confirmation Not received.

Medistic Form Filling - Ankush Rana for Shri Ram Infosoft.

HCL Inbound - No Selection

BSNL :- Status Pending.

Rx Parmacy :- Application Closed. Will Update on 07/12/2015

Vodafone Form Filling Process :- Application Closed. Will Update on 07/12/2015

Rest of registered members who applied are not short-listed or approved. But you not need to worry because I will share upcoming projects with you for next 1 year. You can apply for them also.

For Detailed Information on our success stories Kindly register with us. After that I will share our reference center details with you. Details Shared only of that client who permitted to publish there information.

Government R.T.O. Form Filling Project (Application Invited)

Government R.T.O. Form Filling Project

Government R.T.O. Form Filling Project (Application Invited)

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(Information Updated on 26/11/2015)

Government R.T.O. Data Entry Project

Process Details: Government R.T.O. Form Filling Project

Contract : 1 Year

1 slot : 5 seat

Payout : 2.30 + taxes (Per Form)

Billing mode : Monthly

Number of Fields in a Form : 8

Working Days : Mon-Sat

A single man can do approximate 1000 entries in 8 hrs. shift

Signup Procedure Send us following:

(1) Company profile
(2) Centre snapshots at least 4 pec.
(3) Centre address with particular location with address proofs
(4)Registration number (TIN number) or Partnership Deed

Application Fee - 1550/-

Our charges : 10% from every billing.

How to apply for this project.
1. First of all Read our fraud prevention policy.
2. Register with us
3. Send Required Documents at  rana.of.d@gmail.com

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us

Online Ad Posting work (No Termination)

Online Ad Posting work

D Elite Soft going to be promoted on internet. For this purpose we require 2 candidates who can post ads on different websites for example Quicker.

Who can Apply for this Post:
1. Candidate who have own system with internet connection
2. Must have good knowledge of ad posting.
3. Only new registered candidate can apply for this work.


This is our self promotion and we provide genuine work with no termination payment will directly given by D Elite Soft.

We pay INR 1/- Per ad

Contract Period : 1 Year

No minimum target

If you post 5 ads in one month you will paid 5/-

But if You post below 100 ads in first two months we will not provide you 3rd months data

If you Post 5000 ads than you will be paid 5000/-

We do not provide any list of ad posting website.

You have to arrange yourself (You can serch on google for classified website list)

Date Of Work Submission :- Last Date of Month

We Require 6 Days to check your work.

We will count one ad per website for example if you posted 2 or more ads on quicker we will count only 1. 

Our main purpose is "Ad must be displayed on classifieds with given complete Ad details."

Payment Date :- B/w 7 to 10 of next month

How to apply for this project.

1. First of all Read our fraud prevention policy.
2. Register with us
3. Send Your Resume at rana.of.d@gmail.com

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions.

List Of Available and Completed Projects

List Of Available and Completed Projects

Latest Update Regarding All Inbound and Data Entry Projects

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Application closed for these Projects

1. Syndicate Bank Form Filling Process
2. Janadhar E-Sewa Form Filling Process
3. Mortgage form filling process
4. Canara Bank Form Filling Process
5. Union Bank Form Filling Process
6. LIC Data Entry Project
7. Matrimony Form Filling Project
8. Madistic Form Filling Project
9. HCL Inbound Process
10. BSNL Data Entry Process


Immediate closing for these Projects

1. RX USA Pharmacy Form Filling Process (Today is Last Date to Apply)
2. Vodafone Telecom Form Filling Process (Today is Last Date to Apply)
3. Government R.T.O. Form Filling Project (Last Date 30/11/2015)
4. E-library data entry government Project (Last Date 30/11/2015)

Project With Immediate Signup Facility

1. Reliance Form Filling Process (Reference Center Available in Delhi So Watch Live Work Before starting)
2. Post Office Data Entry Project For Kerala and Uttrakhand (Without Investment)


I want to make a very transparent information exchange policy so i am sharing some info. here.

Application Invited for CATEGORY 1 Process are Now in closed status so 23/11/2015 is date when we all going to know whether your application is approved or not.

You will informed via mail/phone.

After Approval You Need to Pay security amount which will directly paid to relevant Provider (i.e. Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank)

You Need to sign a contract with me in that you will agreed to pay my royalty charges from your payment.


Here is something that you must to know about D Elite Soft.
D Elite Soft is a consultancy solely run by me (Deepak). My vision is to make scam free data entry,BPO & Govt. Project outsourcing industry. So I do not charge any consultancy or upfront charges. My motive is to provide you correct information. In past 14 months I made contacts with several Genuine Outsourcers and companies.

So here is a procedure by that you can Apply for any available project.

1. You Need to register with me. Registration Charge is 1000/- for 2 years.

Now here is question that I mentioned above that "I do not charge any consultancy or upfront charges" but now why I am asking for this 1  time registration fee.
Ans. Because D Elite Soft is consultancy and My work is to provide correct information to you and send application for project you are applying. So the 1000/- is cost for this work and this cost is not for single project this registration give you 2 years membership so you can apply for any available project in future.

2. Send You Complete Document i.e. Company Profile, Company registration info, Previous experience if any, Last year Income tax report

3. Select from the available project to apply for

4. Confirmation of Approval

5. Sign a contract with me in which you agree to pay my Royalty which is 10% from first 3 billings.

6. Go Live

NOTE :- This is my procedure. This procedure doesn't give guarantee of project approval.(Because Approval of project is totally depend on You Company Documents and many other factors).
But This Procedure will save many peoples from scammers who take 50,000/- to 5 Lakhs as upfront but provide no work.

Its Your choice -
You can register with me - May take a longer time to start your project. But You will got genuine and direct process from provider.

Or if you are in hurry you can go to any other outsourcing company/consultancy.

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