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Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on

Canada Wireless Campaign

Minimum 10 seats to start off. Excellent English speaking agents along with one supervisor and one TL.

Dialing hours are Monday through Saturday. Total dialing hours 8-12 per day. A DID number to receive call backs from customers.

Back-up Power and Broadband. Contract can and may be cancelled if not up to the requirements.

Areas of dialling: Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, North York, Milton

Unique Advantages:
  • No need to gather credit card details.
  • No need to call customer back.
  • Plus you have access to the support at clients end!

Payment Mode: $500 minimum invoice.

First payout after 30 days then on 13th & 26th of every month.

20% hold on first payment which is refunded 90 days after dialing end date.

For example, $5000- 20% ($1,000) = $4,000. Clawback period is 3 months.

Process Type: Outbound Canada

Industry: B2C (Consumer)

Payout (in Canadian Dolllars): $45

Data: Not provided. Can scrub data against provided DNC scrub portal one by one.

Training: Product training materials will be provided and 2 days online of 2 hours each.

Approval: On Portal within 48 Hours

Cell Phone: We are giving out Samsung Advance (Smartphone)

We can sell all phones except Iphone at the moment.

Minimum plan: $38 + taxes 150 local air time minutes

Voicemail, call display call waiting & conference calling is free included in package. Clear choice option is also included.

Required id’s:
  • or Credit card # .. Must
  • D.L # With Expiry
  • P.R Card # With Expiry
  • Citizenship Card

If customer doesn’t want to give SIN # then collect Credit card #.

There is no system activation fee… There is one time activate fee for each phone $35.
$2 paper bill if cx gives us there email address then there will be no extra charge.
Bills will come directly to their email address.

Charges Involved :

( 1 ) Business Procurement fees : Rs.1,00,000
( 2 ) 10% Royalty. ( 6 Month )
( 3 ) Consultancy Charge :  Rs. 75,000

Documents/Certifications Required:

( 1 ) Submit Your Company Profile with 12 Photographs of Center.
( 2 ) DOT Licence (Domestic & International).
( 3 ) STPI Registration.
( 4 ) Center must be at least 1 year Old with Dot and ISO and a Pvt Ltd..
( 5 ) Company registered under the Indian Company Law of 1956.
( 6 ) Director/Chairman's Id & Address Proof.

If you are interested for process you have to just send mentioned documents and consultancy charges ( Processing charge ). Consultancy charges will be refund i case of rejection of your proposal.

Steps of going Live:1. Center Visit, Documents Verification & Profile Selection
2. Conference call with Management team
3. Questionnaires
4. Online Screening
5. SLA sign up in the centre
6. Training Onsite/Online
7. Mock call tests
8. Live Going

Send Your Application ,

1. Name
2. Company Name
3. Designation
4. Full Address
5. Email
6. Contact Number
7. Fax
8. Website
9. Photographs from Different Locations. ( 12 Photos )

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