Tuesday, October 2, 2012


  • Project overview: OFFLINE WORK
  • Project name: LIC DATA ENTRY PROCESS
  • Work description: ONLINE/OFFLINE
  • Number of images: Show will be on demo.
  • Payout per months: 7.25lack (approx)
  • Number of seats: Centre can start the work from any number of seats but the minimum number of seats on which the work can be issued will be 10 seats.
  • Duration of contract: 11 months initially, extended up to 11 months depending upon centre performance.
  • Turn around time for submission of data: Complete data need to submit within 25 days from the date of staring the work.
  • Project consistency: Long term basis (centre performance will play a big part).
  • Workload: Continuous, no break/waiting period after raising invoice. You will receive workload on regular basis.
  • Slots: 17 only 
  • Quality criteria and payment:
  • If the center achieves accuracy between 95% to 100%, they will be paid 100% of the total payout.
  • 85% to 94.9%= 80% of the total payout.
  • 75% to 84.9% = 70% of the total payout
  • 65% to 74.9%= 50% of the total payout.
  • Any quality report below 65% data will be sent to center for rework.

Quality report will be issued within 10 days form the date of data submission.
Detailed quality report also available upon center request... the center can also opt for a third party check of quality depending upon mutual consent.

  • Slot confirmation: 32500 INR per 10 seats (one slot)
  • Consultancy: Rs 50,000
  • Royalty:15% each every month till contact