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Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on

Video Watching Process with daily billing

Video Watching Process with daily billing
Video Watching Process with daily billing

Video Watching Process_No termination, No quality check, Daily billing

Last Date to Apply :  28th April 2016.

Work : - To View the Video

Plus point : - No termination, no quality check, daily billing


Type : - Online


Termination : - No Termination

Session’s :- Unlimited Sessions

Daily Work : - 1600 Link will be provided per day

Rate per View : - 0.75 INR (Max.)

Registration Fee : - 1000/-

Application Fee : - 550/-

Minimum Seats : - 10

Video Time :- 52 Sec

One employee can handle 5 seats. For 10 seats you have to hire just 2 employees.

Payment Slab (Time slab (12:00 AM to 11.59 PM))

No Views / Day Earning Slab / View
1. Up to 100 Views 0.05 INR
2. 101 To 400 Views 0.20 INR
3. 401 to 800 Views 0.35 INR
4. 800 and 1200 View 0.55 INR
5. 1201 to 1440 Views 0.75 INR

Document Required

(1) Photo ID Card
(2) Address proof.
(3) Previous experience if any.
(4) Passport size photo.
(5) A/c details

How to register

1. Download registration Form
2. Fill the registration form.
3. Pay document processing fee+registration fee - 1550/- (Here is A/c Details)
4. Mail scanned registration form along with payment slip/transaction ID


One time registration charge - 1000/-

Document processing fee - 550/-

Note :- Our Already registered members can apply by paying this document processing fee. New member have to pay total 1000+550=1550/- to apply for this process

Royalty : 10% of Your all billings

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us.

Terms and Condition : Whenever you want to Withdraw then 50 Rs. would be deducted from the withdraw account. Amount will be directly deducted in your account just by one click.

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