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Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on

latest data entry project 2016

latest data entry project 2016
latest data entry project 2016

latest data entry projects 2016

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If you are looking for Data entry projects of 2016, latest data entry projects, data entry project in delhi, data entry project in gurgaon, data entry project in haryana, data entry project for single user, data entry project in noida, data entry projects in india, data entry projects in chennai or any kind of data entry solution D Elite soft will help you.

New Update :- Only 1 Seats Available

As on 07/07/2016 We have only 1 more seats available for this Project 

1. Single user database creation project : - A Software Package/System to facilitate the creation and maintenance of database.There are lots of situations where you will want to create a database to store business data. It might be you need to record your assets or perhaps a list of customers or contacts. We provide Single user database creation project for individual person. This work will done on offline system means you don't need any internet connection to complete this projects.
All You Need A system at your home or work place

Minimum System Requirement :-

Processor - P3 or Above
Storage (Hard Disk) - 1 GB or Above
RAM - 256 MB or Above
Software - MS Office 1997 or Above
Dot Net Framework - 2.0 or Above

If your Meet with the above requirement you can easily apply for this project

Because This is a data entry work so a good typing speed is definitely required.
Upfront And Security Charges :-
Because we have to deliver the project within specific time period so for security of work you need to deposit Security Charges before Starting of Work. We need best quality and 100% accuracy so the work will be given in Two phases

1. Work Demo :-

First of all you have to submit your resume at
After Approval You Have to Pay INR 6000/- as Demo and training charges that are non-refundable. once you paid the charges A work demo along with training data will be provided to you online. so that wherever you are in India you don't need to rush at our office for training. Training period is minimum 1 week and maximum of 28 days. After you are fully trained within 28 days we will give you demo records for data entry work to check your accuracy. Once your accuracy reached above 80% original work will provided to you.

2. Original Work :-
Once You achieved accuracy above 90% in Demo work you need to deposit a security amount of INR 6000/- which is totally non-refundable. The contact period is 12 Months Including Demo work period. If you do not achieve accuracy in first attempt you will be provided second chance. But after failure in second chance you will never eligible for this process. Contract can be renewed for 5 year after successful completion of first contract.

About Project :- You only have to create database from given records that are in .Jpg(Image) format. You must have to enter 3000 records per month for 20 days work. That means you only have have to work 20 continuous Days (No Sunday, Holiday). That Means you need to enter 150 records daily. Maximum payout for each record will be Rs 15/- so you can earn a maximum 15*3000 = INR 45,000 Per Month.
Accuracy : - Your monthly payout will totally depend on accuracy of your work. Higher accuracy will give you maximum payout. we give you sufficient time as demo period of 28 days to check your efficiency.

Accuracy pentameter and payment
99.1% - 100% : 100% Payment = 45000/- 15Rs/- Per Form
97.1% - 99% : 80% Payment = 36000/- 12Rs/- Per Form
95.1% - 97% : 60% Payment = 27000/- 9 Rs/- Per Form
94.1% - 95% : 40% Payment = 18000/- 6 Rs/- Per Form
92.1% - 94% : 20% Payment = 9000/- 3 Rs/- Per Form
90% - 92% : 10% Payment = 4500/- 1.5 Rs/- Per Form
Accuracy formula = 100*(total error*100)/total records

Below 90% contract will be terminated without prior information.

Your Quality Checking Report will be provided Within 7-10 working days after Submission work.

Your Payment will transfer Within 3 working days after QC Report
You will be Paid by Cheque or Bank Transfer

Note: - This project require accuracy achievement in demo period so you have to pay INR 6000/- nonrefundable advance for demo and training support.

How to apply for this project.

1. First of all Read our fraud prevention policy.
2. Register with us
3. Send Required Documents at

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us

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