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I am closing all services of this blog, due to mental harassment. Shweta Malik and Yasir Khalil Done fraud with me on behalf of Zorro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with help of Manish Tomar and left me blank with last warning on phone call. "All E-mails and Recording available". Kindly do not contact me for your advisory. Also beware of frauds and meet with person face to face before paying anything.




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Kindly send appointment form to take appointment for office visit and consulting.

Contact: 8571034405/9468449371. Our official mail ID is support@delitesoft.in and dlitedatasol@gmail.com

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New Update

Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on rana.of.d@gmail.com

What Do You Know About D Elite Soft ?

What Do You Know About D Elite Soft
What Do You Know About D Elite Soft

Important Links that you need to read before apply for any process.
1. Everything that you need to know about D Elite.
2. How to Avoid Scam in Data Entry.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Frequently Asked Questions.

Just visit our office and start the procedure.

There are many companies/consultancies in India who provide Data Entry, BPO, KPO and other computer related work by taking upfront/security charges. But in 80% cases who work for them did not get there first payment. Only 15% working companies are able to get first payment and rest of 5% companies work terminated after getting 2nd or 3rd payment.Because of Money circulation scheme like social trade dot biz.

D Elite Soft is not a Pay per click program as Socialtrade.biz, We help startups to understand and follow the genuine procedure of e-tendring, or getting direct project.

Why this happen ?
Because almost 95% work provider companies give same data to everyone with difficult accuracy criteria. That is not achievable. If you connect more companies to them than you will get some payment. This is called money circulation.

What is the solution ?
Only way to get genuine work is getting direct projects/tenders from direct organization. Suppose you are interested in BSNL work than its better search and apply for work from direct BSNL not from any Pvt. Ltd. Third Party Company.

How D Elite can help ?
D Elite is an informational consultancy by nature of business. We do not provide work from our side. We search for direct tenders/projects from reputed org. You can get direct tender/project information from D Elite. We also help you to apply for the projects. We can provide full support and guidelines for application procedure.

What can I do to get direct Project/Tender?
There are two ways to get direct projects/tenders.

1. Get direct document of project/tender and contact/apply directly (We can provide direct tender/project details at very reasonable price 12750/- for one year and unlimited direct details)

2. Register and apply with help of D Elite. In this procedure you only need to pay our support charges and provide your documents. Rest of procedure will be handled by our expert, you will be guided throughout the whole application procedure. We also provide support via remote computer like Team viewer, All the procedure will be done on your computer

You are here because you are looking for data entry projects, BPO projects or home based work. I know that you are eager to start genuine data entry work. You may be already paid to some company or you may be new in this industry. Who ever you are I will help you to get some genuine process. But before that you need to know something about D Elite Soft. There are some assumption of peoples about D Elite Soft. Here I will try to clear all your doubts.

Every person who call me first time at 8571034405 ask to provide some genuine data entry projects and also want to know the full procedure. So here I want to mention some important points. I will also share some pros and cons of choosing D Elite Soft.

Benefits of choosing D Elite Data Entry Projects :-

1. D Elite Data Entry Project never ask for upfront charges to provide project.

2. D Elite Provide direct client details.

3. Applicant can contact end client before sending application.

4. D Elite have very transparent policy.

5. Application can be tracked online. Because it will be sent directly from your computer.

6. Total transparency in every service.

7. Best business in lowest investment.

Policies and Work of D Elite Soft

- D Elite Soft is not a Pyramid or Multilevel marketing program. We are an informational service provider.

- D Elite Soft can provide you direct documents for information about end client in Direct to Client Service.

- Your selection for process is totally depend on your documents/number of applicants and on End Client. End client reserve the right of reject any application without giving any reason.

- In third party process you need to clear all your doubts before starting the process.

- D Elite Soft is not liable for any payment made to third party/end client to start the work .

- D Elite Soft is not liable for any expense made to start work i.e. Purchasing of systems, infrastructure or employment.

- We can also provide you direct client details at just 12750/- for continues one year.

Important :- I've found this message on care4customer website :
D Elite Soft is a genuine data entry job??? or just another internet scam like Real Data Jobs or Sms data working????
Well it really looks like another scam to me, you have to pay 1000 for registration and 2050 application fee! Probably D Elite Soft will disappear afterwards….
Need your opinions people!

Here I want to say D Elite Soft is not a data entry job nor a sms data working Company. D Elite Soft is an informational service provider and I am working to provide information of direct and genuine tenders. You can direct apply for these projects. D Elite Soft will provide you direct client details at very reasonable price only 12750/-.

Our first time registration charge is just 5900/- for 2 months service, if you want to apply for any process than you need to pay document sharing fee and support fee if required. So if you think that D Elite Soft is a data entry job or sms job providing company than kindly ignore us.

We provide information and direct signup facility with end client.

Procedure of D Elite Data Entry Project :-

To take any project you need to follow signup procedure. After registration with us below given procedure will be followed by D Elite Data Entry Project.
1. We provide direct document of available project/tender released from concern department.
2. Registration on e-tendring portal if required.
3. Upload your company documents.
4. Pay security fee if any. (This fee will be paid by applicant directly to concern department).
5. Mail/post application along with required documents within Asked time.
6. Or upload all documents along with payment details (If online application invited)
7. Selection procedure from end client.
8. Confirmation about approval status, or you have to remain available at time of approval.
9. Sign agreement/SLA/MOU or Work contract will be provided to you.
10. Start live work.

This is how actual procedure works. D Elite Soft will guide you throughout the whole procedure.

 We are not a "Pay and Start" service provider. If you are in hurry than thousand of work provider available in India. You can take work from them but they never provide direct client details. Or you can follow our genuine procedure with direct client information.

For any question check our FAQ's or mail your queries at support@delitesoft.in

D elite soft data entry projects

About D Elite Soft :

D Elite Soft is genuine outsourcing consultancy located in Haryana, Active since 2011. We Provide data entry project, BPO/KPO, Inbound-Outbound Process, Data Editing, Data Mining Process.
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