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Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on

Important Update

I am closing all services of this blog, due to mental harassment. Shweta Malik and Yasir Khalil Done fraud with me on behalf of Zorro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with help of Manish Tomar and left me blank with last warning on phone call. "All E-mails and Recording available". Kindly do not contact me for your advisory. Also beware of frauds and meet with person face to face before paying anything.



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How to Start Genuine Data Entry Work

How to Start Genuine Data Entry Work

How to Start Genuine Data Entry Work

Important Links that you need to read before apply for any process.
1. Everything that you need to know about D Elite.
2. How to Avoid Scam in Data Entry.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Frequently Asked Questions.

Recently I've talked with many people who already took work from some companies but does not succeed to get payment of that work. This is all because you are not directly tie up with work provider. But D Elite Data Entry Project give you direct details of client even before apply for the process in our "Direct to Client" service. We understand your requirement. And we give 100% satisfaction by following procedure :-

1. Educate about real procedure of getting work : 
First of all you need to know that we do not provide "Pay and Start" service. To get the work first off all we need to find suitable project/process/work contract/RFP according to your company profile. After that you can apply directly or we can apply on your behalf. Than approval comes and your work start. This procedure can take 10-15 days. So if you are reading this information and want to take our services than kindly understand this procedure.

2. Selection of project to apply.
3. Apply within given time with full documents.
4. Confirm status of approval.
5. Complete Sign up/ Work Contract formalities.
6. Now you are live with work.
7. Billing confirmation from client end.
8. Pay royalty.

There are so many peoples who lost there money in fake works and fake procedure. But now D Elite Soft will provide you direct information of source of work. You can now get direct document at a very reasonable price 12,750/- for one year.

Here are some FAQ's (Must Read)

Who is eligible for this  work. ?
Only registered firms/Companies with proper registration documents are eligible to apply.

What I have to do to get confirm work ?
You need to follow our registration procedure

I  am a new subscriber and want to join D Elite Soft. How much I have to pay in Starting ?
New subscriber need to join with new registration procedure. New subscriber need to pay Rs. 5900/- service charge including GST in our Company A/c.

I have 10-15 systems but my firm is not registered what I need to do ?
If you really want to proceed in data entry/ BPO sector than you must have to register your firm first. Because we are now approaching with only direct organizations and they give work only to registered firms.

What is the proof of D Elite Soft genuineness ?
I am attaching direct document of Bank of Baroda available project. You can check authentication on given contact details in this document. In case your document are not sufficient for this process no need to worry. I just given this document so you can check our authentication. We will provide best process according to your documents. 

Whatever D Elite Soft says but I am no more interested in your services ?

That's fine, but here is my personal suggestion if you don't want to continue in data entry or BPO sector than best of luck for your future. But if you really want to try some other service provider than do it carefully because many people lost there money and time because in 80% cases there is no payment after work. People have to pay salary and rent from there own pocket. Main reason is that no service or work provider share direct source of work details with you.

NOTE:- D Elite Soft has a very clear concept to avoid scams in data entry field. We provide direct information of end client for your satisfaction. Our procedure is long and time taking but genuine things always take time. If your company profile is strong, you don't need to wait.

Choice is yours come with us or waste your money and time in fake processes. 

For Address and contact details click here

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About D Elite Soft :

D Elite Soft is genuine outsourcing consultancy located in Haryana, Active since 2011. We Provide data entry project, BPO/KPO, Inbound-Outbound Process, Data Editing, Data Mining Process.
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