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MOES Scanning/Digitization of Records

MOES Scanning and Digitization of Records
MOES Scanning and Digitization of Records


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2. How to Avoid Scam in Data Entry.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Frequently Asked Questions.

Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) has its headquarters located at Lodhi Road, New Delhi and is in process of 100% implementation of e-Office for which it desired to scan/digitize all the files/records of various sections of the Ministry.

How to register

1. Download registration Form

2. Fill the registration form.

3. Mail scanned registration form along with payment slip/transaction ID

Number of forms to be scanned and digitized - 12 Lakh Approx.

For Detailed document and complete information you need to register with us

General Terms and Conditions
22.1. Any corrigendum/addendum regarding this tender will be available in Central Public Procurement Portal (CPP Portal) and Ministry website.
22.2. The bids and all correspondence and documents shall be written in English.
22.3. The agency shall scan and digitize at least that many pages as, in the opinion of competent authority can be conveniently scanned/digitized every day, in the space made available to the agency for the purpose of scanning and digitization.
22.4. The tender is not transferable.

22.5. No advance shall be provided for executing the work.
22.6. The rates per page quoted should be all inclusive (hardware/software/ manpower). The space, furniture, electricity and desktop/laptop with connectivity will be provided by the Ministry free of charge.
22.7. The rates quoted by the bidder should be inclusive of all payments to be made by the bidder to all manpower and all costs toward workmen compensation, PF, insurance etc.
22.8. The rates shall remain firm for the period of contract from the date of award and also in case an extension of the work is given to the agency on mutual consent of both parties and at the discretion of the competent authority.
22.9. No Sales Tax exemption forms shall be issued by the Ministry to the agency.
22.10. The bidders for qualifying the technical eligibility criteria may be required to give a live demonstration of the work.
22.11. All work shall be carried out to the entire satisfaction of the supervising personnel of the Ministry. Any work found to be carried out without approval or work, which is considered to be unsatisfactory or of poor quality, shall be rectified by the agency without any additional cost to the Ministry.
22.12. The agency shall complete and fulfill all formalities with the statutory authorities having jurisdiction in the area.
22.13. The agency shall attend review meetings and all other meetings called by the Ministry.
22.14. The agency shall provide fortnightly status/progress report in duplicate. The report shall clearly define all major activities completed during the previous fortnight.

Charges Involved :

( 1 ) Business Procurement fees (Upfront): No upfront

( 2 ) Primary setup and application charge : Rs. 15,750/-  (Rs. 10,000/- refundable)

( 3 ) Royalty :  5% from every billing.

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How to register :-

1. Download Registration Form.
2. First of all take printout of page 1 and page 2 (You can send filled soft copy word file)
3. Fill all fields with blue pen. Watch specimen copy for instructions on page 4.
4. Pay charges for service that you want to subscribe. Service charges are given on page 3 of registration form.
5. Mail transaction details of fee submitted. (Here is A/c Details for registration fee submission)
6. Scan both filled pages and mail us at and
7. Get Confirmation from billing dept. and document verification dept.

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us

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