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I am closing all services of this blog, due to mental harassment. Shweta Malik and Yasir Khalil Done fraud with me on behalf of Zorro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with help of Manish Tomar and left me blank with last warning on phone call. "All E-mails and Recording available". Kindly do not contact me for your advisory. Also beware of frauds and meet with person face to face before paying anything.




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Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on rana.of.d@gmail.com


frequently asked questions

Written by: D Elite Soft

D Elite Soft is an online brand comes under "RAN SINGH IT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD". We at D Elite Soft provide govt./non-govt./national tender information. We help new startups in e-tendering procedure. Any company can apply directly by taking direct information or we can provide help throughout the whole procedure.

D Elite Soft provide every project information with clear detail. However There are some frequently asked questions from the persons who are looking for Home Based Work, Form Filling Projects, BPO-KPO Projects, Govt. Projects, Data Entry Projects, offline jobs for single user, bank data entry projects etc.

Here is a list of some common FAQ's

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Q. 1 What is D Elite Data Entry Projects ?

Ans. D Elite Data Entry Project is an online blog/portal used to provide tenders information. We provide expert support for e-tendering procedure.

Q. 2 What is E-tendering.

Ans. E-tendering is an online procedure to provide work contract to eligible firms/companies. In E-tendering govt. and private organizations invites RFP/EOI/RFQ/RFT and e-bidding for work contract.

Q. 3 How to register with D Elite Soft ?

Ans. You need to follow signup process. Here is A/c Details for fee submission.

Q. 4 Why E-tendering instead of taking project from third parties ?

Ans. In E-tendering supplier(work providing department) and contractor (You) connected directly. So there is no issue in understanding work procedure and payment. If you take a project from a third party than there will be no guaranty of payment from third party. Third party can terminate your center with there terms.

Q. 5 How much I have to pay for registration ?

Ans. Here is all about fee and charges. Just click and read.

Q. 6 Can I get direct details of End Client ?

Ans. Yes, you can direct client details in our "Direct to Client" Service at just 15750/- for 6 months. And we will provide you direct client details. You also no need to pay royalty if you apply directly.

Q.7 Is there any pre-bid meeting to better understand the work ?

Ans. Yes, Almost every department allow bidders to conduct a pre bid meeting to better understand the work. You can join pre bid meeting at given date and time.

Q. 8 Where Can I pay this registration Fee ?

Ans. You can pay fee by following methods -

1. Offline - You can pay fee directly by visiting our office.

2. Online - You can pay fee by online method NEFT/IMPS/RTGS (check here our bank details)

Q. 9 Is this registration fee is refundable ?

Ans. Registration fee is Non-Refundable.

Q. 10 What is eligibility criteria for E-tendering ?

Ans. You can check eligibility criteria at this link.

Q. 11 What is EMD and Tender Document Fee ?

Ans. EMD stands for "Earnest Money Deposit". You can call it security fee also. This fee is refundable in most of cases. Tender document fee is non-refundable.

Q. 11(a) When will I get my EMD back?

Ans. EMD will be refunded as per tender terms.

Q. 11(b) I applied for a tender and didn't got the tender. I have paid EMD, Does D Elite Return my EMD fee quickly?

Ans. We at D Elite only take responsibility of money that paid to us. EMD paid directly to concern department will be returned as per tender terms.

Q. 12 How we got trained for specific Process i.e. Call Centre ?

Ans. According to process End-Client will provide on-site training.

Q. 13 Who is End Client?

Ans. From where you will get work is called End Client. i.e. BSNL, LIC etc.

Q. 14 Is D Elite Soft Provide Guarantee of Providing Process ?

Ans. Yes, If you follow a specific procedure and complete all the document requirement than we can provide guarantee of process approval in our workstation facility. All you need to take our workstation and we will provide you confirm work. Specific terms and conditions are applicable in workstation.

Q. 15 Is D Elite Soft Provide Sample/Snapshot/Demo of any project Before going live?

Ans. For direct applicable process we do not provide any sample data or software screenshot. If sample given from client end than we will Provide Sample/Snapshot/Demo of project. You can get solution of all your queries in pre-bid meeting.

Q. 16 Is D Elite Soft Liable For Any Business Loss ?

Ans. Absolutely Not, Work Of D Elite Soft is to provide information and Give Direct Details Of vendors and companies. You need to clear all your doubts before starting process. If there will any payment issue between You and Company D Elite Soft or Deepak Rana will not Liable.

Q. 17 When My Work/Project/Process/Live Work will start ?

Ans. Your Work will start only after approval from End Client.

Q. 18 What is included in D Elite Services.

Ans. Following services included in our service packages.

Service for available tender notification.
E-tendering Setup on various govt website assistance.
Enrollment for fee exemption assistance. (No Need to pay EMD for every tender)
Enrollment of DSC with your web A/c, Tender Search assistance.
BOQ filling and uploading assistance.
E-tender document uploading assistance.
Complete procedure assistance at priority basis, whenever required in service period.

Note:- D Elite Soft always one step ahead to prevent scams in Data Entry service. So we are introducing our Direct to Client service. In this service we provide you direct details of end client. Using these details you can directly contact with end client. You don't need to pay any consultancy or royalty charge to any one. To subscribe this service call 08571034405.

These are the main frequently asked questions that people asked on phone and e-mails. If You have any Query Feel Free to contact us.


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